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+ Available on Archway

Liquid Finance

Instant unstaking and constant rewards

+ Leading Governance & Securing Networks

About us

LydiaLabs is a strategic validator that builds products, leads governance, and aims to grow in tandem with the networks we secure. We are always looking for opportunities to add value to blockchain ecosystems through deploying products and working directly with stakeholders to fill any gaps they may have.

Lydia Labs

Archway Validator

Why be liquid

Instant unstaking

Liquid combines liquid-staking derivatives with a basic queue-based exchange to allow derivative holders instant access to unstaked tokens.

Earn rewards while staying liquid

Holders of Liquid derivative assets constantly earn staking rewards from securing the network while still maintaining liquidity.

Rewards for unstaked token holders

Earn staking rewards and trading fees on your unstaked tokens through supplying liquidity to the instant-unstaking pool.